♥Some habits Of Happy Couples (Are You And Your Partner Doing These?)

♥Change Your Focus

A lot of the problems that couples have can be fixed if both people can just change the things that they focus on in their partner. Rather than focusing on what your partner does that annoys you, remind yourself of the things that you enjoy about him or her. So many people look for negatives even when surrounded by positives.
Always Say

♥Always Say “Good Night”

We’ve all heard the phrase “never go to bed angry,” and it holds true. Even if you and your partner are fighting, take a break to sincerely say “good night” before sleep and remind him or her that you still love being in a relationship with them.

♥Default To Trust And Forgiveness

Every couple has disagreements, but how you deal with those moments is what really defines your relationship. A lot of the things couples fight about is actually a very small issue that can be dealt with easily. Before you start yelling, step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Make your trust in this person and your forgiveness for them your default mode, rather than suspicion and anger.

♥Go To Bed At The Same Time

You’d be surprised at how important something so simple as synchronized bed times is for a couple, but it really does go a long way in strengthening your relationship. Sure, it’s not always easy to match up your sleeping schedules, but couples who do fall asleep together are constantly reminded of their close bond and reassured by their lover’s touch.

♥Hug Whenever You Come Home

Human skin holds memories of good, bad, and no touch, which it associates with a person. Being sure you get as much good touching, like hugs and kisses, with on another as possible helps you lead a happier and healthier relationship.

♥Talk Throughout The Day

You might spend your days apart at separate jobs or responsibilities, but you should still check in every so often. Whether you prefer to have a phone call during lunch, an afternoon email talking about your day, or something more sporadic like texting or instant messaging, it’s important to communicate how your day is going even while apart. That way, your partner already knows how you feel when you get home.

♥Know Each Other’s Love Language

The author Gary Chapman noted that different people communicate affection in 5 distinct ways: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, or physical touch. While it’s important to regularly focus on each of these love languages, you should also know which is most important to you and to your partner, as they may not be the same.

♥Develop Common Interests

It’s natural for different people to have different interests, and of course you shouldn’t have to do everything with your significant other, but having some interests or activities in common can really help to strengthen a couple. If you already have a common interest, find out a way to actively participate in it together, and if you don’t then try out some new things together to try to develop one.

♥Cook Dinner Together

A lot of couples split up who cooks, but when only one person is doing it you’re missing out on some quality bonding time. Not only do both people enjoy the meal more if they make it together, but cooking together is a unique experience the couples should experience often — it involves communication, creativity, and even sensuality.

♥Say “I Love You” Every Morning

It’s important to start the day off on the right note, especially when the rest of the day may involve facing annoyances at work or other responsibilities. Saying “I love you” or simply “have a good day” to your loved one is an important way to remain patient and tolerant throughout those daily nuisances.

♥Spend Alone Time Together

Happy couples are comfortable together, which means that they can spend time in the same room without trying to entertain each other. They don’t feel pressure to always be amusing each other or doing the same thing — they can comfortably do their own things even right next to each other.

♥Regularly Make Decisions Together, As A Team

Happy and secure couples share their lives together equally, and that means that they recognize the importance of communication and decision-making. Rather than acting alone, someone in a happy relationship will always talk with their partner before making a big decision.

♥They Love Themselves, Individually

The people in a relationship obviously love one another, but to make them truly happy they first have to love themselves. A relationship is really a reflection of the happiness of the individuals involved, so happy people make a happy relationship.

♥They Don’t Try To Change Each Other

Everybody wants to be appreciated for who they are, so a truly happy relationship involves both people loving each other for the people that they are. If you only love someone when they change to fit into your own ideas, then you love your own fantasy rather than another person.

♥Be Proud To Be Seen Together

Some people may not like attention, but everyone should be proud to be seen with their boyfriend or girlfriend. And sure, PDA isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is true that happier couples can’t always keep their hands off each other in public.

♥Walk Side By Side

Even the way you walk can help or hinder the strength of your relationship. Instead of walking behind or ahead of your partner, make an effort to walk side by side. Holding hands and walking next to your significant other really does make you two stronger with each step.

♥They Don’t Play Games

A happy relationship is not like the couples you see on a lot of sitcoms — they don’t play games with each other. Openness and honesty help build a happy relationship, but lying will only ruin it.
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